5 Reason Why You Should Choose WordPress As Your Platform | Singapore

WordPress is the leading web content management system for business websites in the world. Its success is attributed to user friendliness, Seo friendly, plugins, open source and affordable hosting. User friendliness Gone are the days where you have to download adobe dreamweaver or front page and take hours to install in your windows computer. Besides […]

5 things to ask during a web design consultation | Singapore

Every successful web design plays down to human factor. While there are website Builders, sometimes it is so difficult to get what you want from artificial intelligence. They may suggest things you don’t need and wasted your precious time to build a website. On the other hand, when you engage a web designer, there is […]

5 Reasons why you should choose a freelance web designer in Singapore

Choosing a freelance web designer located in Singapore is beneficial in many ways to your business. These benefits will result in a high quality web design with a reasonable cost. Availability Imagine one day your website goes down. Your email starts to flood with customers asking “how can I order your product?”, “your website is […]

Vue Lifecycle Example

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework used to build the frontend of an application used by a couple of local freelance web designer singapore developers. In this case study, we are going to look into the lifecycle of a Vue instance and understand what is going on beneath. What is a Vue.js instance? A Vue instance a concrete […]

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