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What We Do ?

We provide software development services in Singapore.

WordPress Plugins

Have an idea that is not available in the WordPress plugin marketplace? We are experienced and will build it using official WordPress action hooks and filters.

WordPress Themes

Need a lightweight theme or a specific theme that you are unable to buy off the shelf? Let us build that theme for you. Whether it is header.php or any wordpress files, we can deliver.

NPM Modules

Do you need a certain functionality in your business but there are no such modules available or the author has abandoned the project? Let us rebuild that node module for you.

SQL Database

Do you need a relational database that requires data integrity and cascading effects? Let us build the schema for your business.

NoSql Database

Do you need unstructured database for your business? This is great for collecting of data points such as feeds from IOT devices.


GraphQL is the next generation way of querying data from your server and database. It is an alternative of REST apis.

Front End Development

We build user interfaces with these technologies: React.js with Redux, Vue.js with Vuex and Angular.js. Accompanied with TDD (Test driven development) in Jest, Mocha, Chai, Cypress.

Back End Development

We build and host your servers using server side technologies such as Node.js, Python Flask, Laravel PHP, Go & Java Springboot.

Full Stack Development

We build MVC (Model, View, Controller) applications using Ruby on Rails, Django & Express with Sequelize.

Chrome Extensions

Need a chrome extension to extract or manipulate data from certain web pages? We have experience in launching and distributing Chrome extensions in Google Play Store.

Desktop Applications

Do you need an desktop application that runs on your Macbook dock? Maybe you want to have a desktop tool to manage your data offline with no internet access. 

dApps Blockchain

Blockchain is the next industrial revolution. With our experience in developing smart contracts on the ethereum network, we can help you build it using latest technologies such as web3, Solidity.



We will fully test the software for bugs and errors.


We will design the database schema.


We will create modern and beautiful software designs.

Best Practices

We will use latest best practices such as ES6 and TypeScript.

API Documentation

We will document each API's functionality and how it works.

Source Code

You will get all the source code and it will be stored in a private repository on Github or Bitbucket.

Building Softwares Since 2013
A freelance software developer in Singapore who have built various softwares for many businesses in Singapore. These softwares are used in production in business operations.
Many dream of building their next startup. We help you achieve that dream through our skills.
We use modern technologies such as Node.JS, Ruby on Rails (ROR) or PHP to build cloud based software applications.
Each software is built from scratch with the best coding standards and practices.
Programming and software development mean the same thing. Whether you need python or JavaScript coding requirements, we can deliver that in fast turnaround times. Just let us know what you need and we will get back to you shortly.
We strongly believe in delivering high quality code and softwares that work. Try our services today.

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