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Are you looking to hire freelance WordPress developer in Singapore after searching through a myriad of freelancers? Hiring the right one could make or break your project. Also, it may be a costly mistake or it may be the best investment you have made. How on earth do you find the right one for your project?

You may have posted a project on a freelance job portal. However, I believe that you may have received a multitude of bids from freelance developers wanting to work with you.

Firstly, WordPress is a content management system that is a solution to the blogging community. After a few years, it grew and has become the top platform for most business websites you see on the internet today.

Whether you need a customized look or layout, there are many WordPress themes designs online for your choice of selection. In fact, there are beautiful ones can help your brand marketing.

At the end of the day, it is your corporate business at stake. If you do not have HTML/CSS experience or professional IT skills such as SEO, you will definitely appreciate managing a WordPress website.

WordPress is so flexible that if you want to have your website look like a mobile app, you can turn your current site into a responsive one. Having a mobile site like Android will increase your products sales revenue as it is easier for users to navigate.

WordPress provides a great service to a company’s web business. Don’t waste your time to search for a great platform. Look for a trained freelance WordPress developer to make and create your sites. Once you start, you will never look behind.

WordPress is also open source which means they have nothing to hide from the public. Its source code base is scrutinized by the public. People who love to code will be the first to investigate bugs and issues with the core code. It is their favorite thing to do in their free time.

Besides static websites, we also support e-commerce website where users can view products and contact you for information. 

How do I charge for WordPress development?

It depends on the complexity of the job. It may be an hourly rate or a fixed project rate depending on the length and depth of the project.

For each WordPress development, I will review your current website status and diagnose the current problems that you may be facing. Usually, the problems are lack of graphics, logo sizing, social media and content writing.

As a freelance web designer in Singapore, I also program WordPress plugins if you require customization. This requires expert PHP knowledge in cms applications. Also, javascript is needed to modify the looks of the frontend.

With so many systems out there, WordPress is one of the most flexible software. They have a team of devs that are supporting so many users remotely. Based on experience, WordPress is a solid choice for secure blogging.

WordPress is also supported by many leading hosting providers in the industry.

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