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WHY CHOOSE A FREELANCE WEB DESIGNER? provides you with freelance web designers in Singapore who have more than 10 years of experience.




Why choose a Freelance web designer in Singapore?

Here are some benefits of using a freelance web designer for your business


Freelance web designers in Singapore are dedicated to their clients and are often responsible for the web design work directly. Most are contactable 24 hours 7 times a day via call or whatsapp. For companies, they have working hours to adhere to. If you have a very urgent change, you can directly contact the freelance web designer who can make the change instantly. Whereas, you might need to wait for the next working day for a company to respond.


Freelance web designers, in comparison to web design agencies in Singapore, have relatively low cost of operations. Usually, freelancers can work anywhere without any office restrictions. They do not have rental or staff salaries to worry about. Hence, the price of a web design by a freelancer can be lower than a company.


An advantage of a freelancer over a company is faster completion of the website. A company has working hours and protocols to adhere to. This may cause delays due to delegation of work to staff. On the other hand, freelancers are not bound to such restrictions and can work freely and efficiently. With good planning, a freelancer should complete their work faster than a company one.

How to choose a freelance web designer in Singapore?

Okay, now that you are convinced you should choose a freelance web designer, here are some tips on how to choose one based on a few factors below

  • Responsiveness in attending to your initial requests gives you an indication of how the freelancer will work during the project
  • Request for their past client portfolio as it will indicate what kind of style the designer focuses on and that is a clear indication how your site might look
  • Request for a face to face meetup or an online zoom session. By seeing that you are interacting with an actual person in Singapore, this will help to build your confidence to enage in a freelance web designer.

Types of services

What types of services does a freelance web designer provide?

static cms website

A static website are more for businesses that are non-commerce and provide services. An example would be an architecture firm.




2 Years Free Hosting


Company Email Setup


If you wish to sell products online, an ecommerce website would be suitable for you. An example would be a clothing store.




Paynow, Stripe, Paypal Integration


Stock inventory management

Web Application

If you like to create a more custom experience for your users, you might want to create a web application. An example would be building a CRM software to track customer experience.







Deal of the day

2 Years Free Web Hosting for Your First Web Design Project

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Website Features

These are the some of the features that we expect to deliver for all our customrs.

Mobile Responsive

Your website will look great on all devices such as phone, tablet and desktop.

Friendly Interface

Your website will have the latest modern user interface that attracts clients and more sales.

Strong Security

Your website will have 24-7 threat protection and 2 factor authentication to prevent unauthorised logins.

Easy Integration

Your website will be built on popular technologies that is easy to integrate with many other services that you need.


Web Design Tips & Tricks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much should freelance web designers charge?

Freelance web designers typically charge lower than web design companies as they do not have the usual company overhead costs such as staff salaries, rental, any fixed costs.

How much do freelance web designers make?

It varies based on individual designers. For hotly demand designers, it can go up to 10 grand a month or more. For those starting out, a reasonable amount would be a few hundred dollars a month.

Can I freelance web design?

Not everyone is able to freelance web design as it can be a demanding job due to multiple customer demands and low pay.

How do I find a good freelance web designer?

A tip to find a good one is to make communication with the designer and ensure they are responsive. How fast they respond is an indication of how they will work with you during the project.

Where do I find freelance web designers in Singapore?

You can find one here on We will assign a suitable web designer based your requirements.

What is the hourly rate for a freelance web designer?

Highly demanded web designers can go up to $150 per hour. A designer who just started out can charge up to $50 per hour.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If we do not deliver your website and according to the agreed requirements, we will return the full amount that was paid.


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