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Here are 15 interesting facts about one of the world’s biggest website building platform. Oops! Was that a fact? I don’t know, read and you will find out.

How Old?

WordPress is older than facebook and twitter. The real version of wordpress was released on May 27, 2003, hence making it older than facebook and twitter.

What’s in a name?

The name WordPress was selected by “Christine Selleck Tremoulet”, a blogger and a friend of the co-founder of WordPress (Matt Mullenweg)

27% Websites

According to some surveys, WordPress is the base of nearly 27% of all the websites.

4% CMS

According to wappalyzer, WordPress dominates the Website building and content management usage market with 76.4% share.

Open Source and Free!!

It is released under GNU GPL license, which allows everyone and anyone from anywhere in the world to use it. The source code is readily and freely available for anyone to read, study, uses modify and built upon.

WordPress is not owned by any company!

WordPress trademark is owned by WordPress Foundation. In order to protect the freedoms provided by open source, its co-owner created a WordPress foundation. This NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION owns WordPress and protects the freedoms offered by it to its users.

WordPress is a multibillion dollar economy

With more than hundreds of companies and thousands of professionals selling their business on or through websites created on wordpress, it is indeed a multibillion dollar company

48 billion plug-ins download

In 2015, WordPress’s plug-ins downloads crossed the 1 billion mark. From then to 2016, there has been 48% increase in the plug-ins and the number of downloads have crosses the 1.48 billion marks since.

Used by all the government all around the world

It powers thousand of government websites all over the world. The list includes dozens of US federals, state government, local, school websites etc.

WordPress Doesn’t have a CEO

Since being an open source project not owned by a company, it doesn’t have a CEO. The project is run by the developers all around the world. There is a long and thorough decision making process which allows everyone to submit bugs or any other hindrance’s reports.

WordPress in Education

It is used by thousand of universities, schools and colleges around the world. The open-source allows the students to contribute to the plug-ins and themes of the website from all over the world.

More than 68 languages

WordPress is available in more than 68 languages and is half or partially translated into dozens more. Many of its famous themes and plug-ins are also available in the same language. It can also be used as multi lingual platform.

Non-English WordPress downloads

In 2015, the non-English WordPress downloads surpassed the English downloads. After the results, wordpress made some progress and made it possible          to install language packs from the admin area of the website. In 2016, it added the option of language switching in wordpress.

com and and are both different. is a blogging service run by automatic while the other is an open source website building platform.


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