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If you are a mobile lover or mobile geek who loves to spend time on mobile? If you want to turn the time spend on your mobile into dollars? Then you have hit the right place.

We have listed a few smartphone applications in this article that will pay you to help you to convert the time you spend on mobile into money.

Despite wasting your time on time killing apps or social media, why not earn a few bucks by spending a few times on a smartphone.

There are many useful apps that can help you to earn money. You can earn a handsome amount with these apps from your home.

If you run short of the budget every month and don’t have enough money for watching movies or dining out then this application can be your part-time earning source.

Some of the apps in the list give you direct cash while few of apps help you to earn points and then you can turn them into gift vouchers or cash.

Swag Bucks

Swag bucks are one of the tops and popular money making apps that pay you real money.

You can easily earn money with star bucks by spending a few hours by doing different surveys on it and you have to do all this on your smartphone and no need to go on your computer.

You have to do surveys of local shops, entertainment places, parks etc. in your locality and post reviews on SB. It requires an easy signup process and after it, you can start earning bucks. It gives you gift cards that can be used for online shopping.

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Make Money

Make money is another very popular app to earn some extra cash by completing simple tasks. There are no such different tasks like visiting places or eating at restaurants.

In this app you are assigned easy tasks like watching videos and ads, trying different apps, completing surveys etc. and these tasks won’t take more than 1 or 2 hours, so this app is worth installing if you want to earn some extra bucks. No reward points, no gift cards! Get direct cash in your PayPal account

Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion is genuine money making app that gives you Google play credits that can be used for redeeming for Google books, Google music, Google apps. Google opinion rewards give you surveys every week and you also have to post your review about a different app on play store.


Rewardable is another worth downloading app in your smartphone if you want to earn some bucks. It pays cash directly in your PayPal account. Rewardable is specifically made for the users of the USA. You have to answer different online questions and get cash for answering or giving the review for questions.

Money App

Money app is another useful app that pays you for different easy tasks like watching promotional videos, giving opinions, testing services. Money app is better than other reward apps. It pays money directly into your PayPal account.

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eToro is an app that provides cryptocurrency trading services. With the global recession looming, people will exit traditional investing stock markets and park their cash in precious metals such as Gold/Silver or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP.

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