Smartphones have become an important part of our lives and we store a lot of private and important information in it because we can access information anytime on our smartphones.

But with the growing number of smartphones, they are more vulnerable to attack by hackers. Hackers crack your phones passwords and can easily get access to your private information.

Sometimes, you visit a malicious website and your important information is more suspect to be corrupted and lost.  We have listed below few techniques and tricks to make your phone hack proof.

Install authentic Anti-Virus software

Security is overlooked measure in mobile but it’s most important to secure your smartphone data otherwise anyone can get access to it. So it is recommended to install good anti-virus software.

There are a number of software out there in the app store but it is recommended that you should go through the description of the software and read user reviews to install anti-virus and anti-theft software.

Update your device software

Out-dated software is hacker’s heaven because it is more vulnerable and hackers can easily access information stored device. So, keep your phone updated and don’t install unofficial apps. It is recommended that don t using rooting or jailbreaking software for IOS without knowing what you are doing.

Always use a strong password

Use a difficult alphanumerical password for your phone simply just in case it gets purloined or lost and somebody tries to access it. Avoid the common mistake of employing a passcode that’s simple to crack, like your date of birth. Always try to use a password that doesn’t make any sense. If you have very personal information stored in a smartphone and you have your business that then it is recommended that you should change your password after a few months to keep your phone hack proof

Install Apps from authentic sources

Always download your apps from store and iTunes. If you are an android user then download it from Play store and always read reviews before installing it. Never download the app from other sources because sometimes they can harm your smartphone and many hackers steal your data by injecting the virus in your device.

Turn off location services and Wi-Fi

Turn off your location services, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth because they can allow hackers to access your device using the IP address and using the location of your device. So, always make sure that you turned off Wi-Fi and location services when you are not using it.