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This the fact that iPhone got the best features and top-notch brand but I feel that there is one downside about that its default keyboard has no autocorrect option that different android users have. But now iPhone realized it and allowed its users to add third-party keyboards with different attractive customizations. You can add customize keyboard that suits you best. Third-party keyboards have different customizations like keyboard styles, button sounds, emoticons, swiping and many more. There is a number for keyboards available for users but we have prepared the best list. You can install anyone according to your need.

Swiftkey Keyboard

If you want type error-free message and without any typos then this keyboard is perfect for you. It has incorporated artificial intelligence that gives an autocorrect feature and also learns by your typing habits. It gives you typing suggestions learned by your typing habits. This keyboard supports up to more than 90 languages. Moreover, you can access its premium features by paying a few dollars.

GO Keyboard – iPhone Keyboard App

This is one of the best and must have the iPhone keyboard. It comes with a lot of features like making customizations in keyboard i.e. keyboard style, themes, sounds, emoticons and many more you like. This awesome keyboard supports up to 40 languages and you got weekly updates of colorful and fascinating themes.

Flesky – iPhone Keyboard

Flesky is an efficient and attractive app to be installed on the iPhone.  It works efficiently by giving you the best feature about adding the extension. One downside of this app is that it doesn’t give the option of swiping. You can also type words by using gestures and you can also change font list and size of the keyboard.

Grammarly Keyboard

If you are more conscious about your English writing, grammar, spelling then this app is for you. Grammarly is an international platform that has its own keyboards that proofread your English for grammar, spellings, typos etc.  It is perfect for business officials who daily write business emails and business proposals. This app is simple to use and that has a very accurate autocorrect feature.

Fancy Keyboard

If you are looking for some cool and funky keyboard then this keyboard is for you. You can have cool keyboards with different cool themes and other customizations. Addition to its fanciness, it also has autocorrected, autosuggest and swipe input method. It gives separate emoticons keyword for funky characters. It also supports more than 40 languages.