Google assistant is a smart voice-controlled assistant launched back in 2016 by Google.  Google assistant is basically a very smart and handy assistant that can assist you in different tasks Google assistant know about your meetings timings, it knows about your travel timing, locations and anything you can imagine. In short, it is your perfect companion. You can easily access it on your android phone and also on iOS. Below are a few cool things that Google assistant can easily do.

Send Text and Make Calls

This magical feature is for those who don’t like typing each word on messages. You can tell Google assistant your message and he can dictate it using voice technology. It can also place calls by receiving your voice command. It also offers you a chance to edit your message before sending it.

Check Sport results

Sports results are out there on Google which suggests it is simple to search out.

However, your team did on the weekend. That is unless you are a poor sod like Maine and support the state capital Lions within which case you have got a 50/50 probability of obtaining results for the port Lions instead. You’ll be able to rise once your team can play next and Google can tell you the time, location and opponent too.

Explore your nearby areas

If you are on the trip and new to some location than Google assistant can help you. It can search nearby cafes, restaurants, picnic points etc. You just have to ask Google and he will find out your desired place in a few seconds.

Stream music and videos

You can combine Google Assistant up along with your most popular music service. Asking Google Assistant to “never say never” songs then it will play it in a few seconds. Guess there is not any accounting for style. You’ll be able to be a lot of specific, line of work up artists, albums or playlists for higher results. Connect Google Assistant to Netflix and you’ll be able to use it to launch movies and television shows with voice commands still.

Recognize things

Google assistant has also a cool feature of recognizing or identify some object by using smart technology. You just have to open camera in Google assistant and put it on an object. After a few seconds, it will tell about the object name. This feature will really help you to do cool things.