Videos have largely become an integral fragment of WordPress websites due to their stunning ability to brand websites and supplement their magnetism, appearance and interaction. Videos are used for advertisement reasons, making sure some points are passed across more effectively and easily understood. However, this is always not the case since they pose possible threats of slow website loading speed. The good news is that the use of HTML5 eliminates these drawbacks. This article addresses five important tips of getting more out of HTML5 as a video development tool.

1. Time budget
Generally in the development of videos using html5; try and error methods are rampant. Prototypes are created to experiment on the correct size, formats and proper output channels. Thus to say, enough time is important. The amount of time and expertise invested in the process is directly proportional to the quality of end results. Take time to include extremely essential enhancements like Web Storage, Editors Content, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), Email, URL Inputs, Drag and Drop and the list is long.

2. Site Support
Html5 offers its users four which are actually the most common forms of displaying videos on the websites. Thus it is important to note that different site servers or hosts supports different if not all of these formats.The forms are mp4, m4v, ogv and webm. Therefore before you think of using HTML5 to display your videos on your webpage, find out if your website hosts support these formats. This will help you avoid time wastage since it is possible to spend a lot of time coding for a video that won’t be uploaded to your site due to format incompatibility.

3. Multiple and target Devices
This is where you ask yourself if the videos you want to embed on your website will have to be displayed by desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablet and so on. If the answer is no for mobile phones then there is no need of setting up HTML5-ready videos. However, the demand for mobile videos is scaling high and we recommend setting up of mobile version of your site.

4. Consider Blackberrys and Android
Blackberry and androids present real challenges for HTML5 set videos. Blackberry doesn’t generally support videos as designed by its creators. Androids on the other hand seems to be undecided. On some occasions HTML5 video will play on the device and fail to fail on others. This has proved to be prevalent due to lack of android emulators that enable the testing of the work. To avoid this, one needs to test the HTML5 videos on an actual Android.

5. Loading-time verses video size
When creating any video, it is important to consider how long it will take for the user/viewer to view the video. It is every viewer’s wish that the video starts playing as soon as the click the play button. This is majorly achieved by;

  • Minimizing DIV tags or use HTML5 tags such as HEADERS and FOOTERS.
  • Reduce the video size during production as well as through compression.
    Apply optimum video sizes as the higher the quality the larger the size and consequently increased loading speed.
  • Camtasia Studio Production Wizard can be used to solve quality of video related issues
  • Mention video attributes such as width, height among others. This avoids ragging and bad rendering which are the causes of slow loading.

Implementation of these tips will enable you to debug HTML5 related issues and troubles, create highly optimized video. If you need future assistance, do contact our freelance web designer singapore today!