In the past time, the Google play store has become saturated with millions of apps that users can easily download on their Android phones.

So, if you are a new user to android phone or if you want to save time for finding best android apps then this article is for you.

The main problem is that Google play store has different categories like top apps, featured app, and bestselling apps.

To filter out best apps take your a lot of time, so we have made this easy by doing ample research on hundreds of apps and going through users review and concluded 5 best apps that every android phone must have.

  1. RAM & Game Booster

Many mobile manufacturers keep the main focus on gaming while designing a new mobile because it requires big RAM and graphics while but if your mobile did not have such features then no need to worry.

RAM and game booster is the perfect solution for you and you can enjoy gaming mode features with this app.

It helps you free some space by closing some app and optimizing the performance of the device and you can easily play a game after optimizing your phone with it.

B612 – Beauty and Filter Camera

The camera is the main feature in the smartphone that every user looks for. Mobile companies are more focused on integrating best lens in their smartphones based on user needs but with a good lens the price of the smartphone also spikes.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a budget for buying a device with a good camera. The B612 camera app is a perfect camera for you with its wide range of beauty filters that give you a touch high-class picture same as taken by a high-resolution camera.

It comes with a wide range of filters, stickers, drawing effects, motion effects in videos and many more that one can wish.

Facebook Messenger

If you are an extrovert, socially active person, and have a lot of friends then this app is for you. Facebook messenger has all features like text messaging, voice notes, voice calls, video call, and many more exciting things.

Recently they have launched a very secure method of sending payments. You can securely send your payments worldwide on Facebook messenger. So, this is a must-have app in every android phone.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that allows you to store your important data without fear of being lost. It has both free and premium features. In the premium feature, it gives you more storage capacity. Moreover, it also allows users to create and edit doc file and easily send them to other persons.


LastPass is an app for those who have a short memory and those who have to deal with too many passwords. LastPass is a password manager that create a secure password for you and fills in the password automatically when you log in to your account.