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WordPress is the leading web content management system for business websites in the world. Its success is attributed to user friendliness, Seo friendly, plugins, open source and affordable hosting.

User friendliness

Gone are the days where you have to download adobe dreamweaver or front page and take hours to install in your windows computer. Besides a Long wait for installation, you have to fork up a chunk of money for the license. It was tedious and expensive.

Fast forward to the late 2000s, the WordPress trend started to pick up. Tapping on the wide spread availability of php servers, wordpress became a popular solution for content management for many blogs.

It was so easy to use like an iPhone. Everything you need is found in a structured manner. For instance, if you need to change a setting such as permalinks. The settings is found in the popular sidebar under settings -> permalinks. It is so easy to find things you need to edit.

Seo friendly

WordPress came at a time where Search engine optimisation became the de facto way of free traffic. With the surging popularity of Google in the late 2000s, WordPress’s popularity was similar to their rise. This is because WordPress is Seo friendly out of the box. Any proper freelance web designer singapore will provide such services.

Plenty of plugins

Before the rise of new popular server side software like node.js, PHP was the main language of the web server. Worldwide developers were experienced in php, the plugin community flourished as these Developers developed WordPress plugins easily.

Open source

Everyone loves the word “Free”. It gives one a peace of mind of not surrendering their credit card details. WordPress is certainly Free. Alongside with the millions of free plugins, it is certain you will be attracted. Their core module is always under scrutiny which is a good thing for web security. As the internet evolves, malicious code evolves as well. If you are still using an old version of WordPress, make sure you update it to the latest. Yes it may break some legacy plugin you are dependent on. But the trade off is your website is not likely to be broken into by hackers.

Affordable hosting

Besides domain name, Hosting is the only other cost you need to pay for a basic WordPress website. Cheap hosting for WordPress is abundant in the world. It is hard to find hosting for Java applets but so easy for php Built applications. It makes no sense to build your website on other technologies.