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Choosing a freelance web designer located in Singapore is beneficial in many ways to your business. These benefits will result in a high quality web design with a reasonable cost.


Imagine one day your website goes down. Your email starts to flood with customers asking “how can I order your product?”, “your website is down”. Your sales metrics go downhill and you lose the opportunity to acquire new customers as well. Your ads are still spending but they direct to a blank webpage.

Now, let us ask you a question. Who can help you out at this stage? A developer based in a third world country that its hard to locate. Or a developer in Singapore that you can call immediately and he is able to debug your problems with pinpoint accuracy.

Frankly, a sane businessperson would choose a someone that is familiar with your website technology and best if its the same person that handled your website before.


Next, imagine your website shows a popup of a spam offer on a occasional basis. Or most popular, a link out to an affiliate site. Who did this? Is it the cheap web developer you engaged from India?

For whatever reasons, these people can earn a commission via these links. And worse of all, they use your traffic for free. You wouldn’t know about it because you don’t understand the source code.

Choosing a local freelance web designer in Singapore who has genuine interest in building high quality web designs will not choose these Low ball tactics because you pay them well. There is no point or little benefit. In fact, it is against the law for them to tap on your traffic.

Tech savvy

Cheap web developers from overseas mostly use cheap technology that don’t last Long and usually are not updated. Examples are using flash and sites that require Java applets.

On the other hand, local web designers use the latest stable technology that is modern and handles your traffic well. Examples are WordPress, node.js

Localised hosting

A good web designer would recommend a hosting that is local to the person’s business location. For example, if your business is in Singapore, your hosting should be singapore located. Reason is because of latency. Web page load is important to your online sales.

If a web designer offers you USA based hosting, forget it. Why? USA hosting is cheap and abundant. But because you engaged a cheap designer, you get these kind of offerings.

Invoice and tax exemptions

Outsourcing your web design to local designers will help you in the Long run. For instance, invoicing and accounting. You can ask the local freelance web designer singapore designer to provide proper accounting and invoicing so that your accounting department can do that job properly.