In this era of technology, nobody likes to spend hours in the library, going through the hectic task of making notes by copying and many more hard tasks.

The time has passed when a student has to visit libraries to get relevant information. 

The technology revolution opened up new ways for a student to access everything on their palm with few taps.

Even its taking notes or reading your favorite, everything you can do on your mobile phone.

Below is a list of worth installing apps in your smartphone that will surely solve your all problems with few taps away.


Evernote is a must have in your smartphone that will surely help out students with different tasks. It helps you to manage quizzes, tasks, assignments simultaneously. It can create notifications for quizzes and assignments. So, basically, this is the full package app that every student must have in his/her mobile phone. Moreover, the updated version of Evernote has got a new feature regarding make notes with your own handwriting.

Cold Turkey

Cold turkey is the second app in the list and very best app for social media geeks who waste their study time in socializing on mobile and are distracted by social media while studying. So, this app is for them. It will help you to focus on your study. Once you have set time on this app then you can’t open any other app before the set time. So, this application must have in the smartphone of every student.

Exam Vocabulary Builder

If you are struggling to improve your English or if you are applying for languages tests like TOEFL, IELTS, SAT etc. then this app is a solution to your problem. This app will help you to increase your vocabulary and also teach you how to use that word in the sentence.

MyHomework Student planner

One of the best apps found on the play store. When dealing with class schedule, test schedule and homework schedule then this app is the right solution for you. You can add your class schedules, homework times all in one place. You don’t have to enter the schedule every time.


Studious is somewhat the same as MyHomework planner as it got some new features. It will notify you about your upcoming assignments or your due assignments. You can also add a class schedule of all subjects in it. The best feature about this app is that it can automatically put your phone on silent when you enter in the class.