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Trends are something that keeps changing with time. Trends can be seen almost in every sphere of life. From photography to social media, from food to design.. almost everything! But we aren’t here to talk about everything, are we? We are here to talk about designs, trending designs, trending web designs by a freelance web designer singapore.

To keep you up to date with the latest trends, here’s a list of “What’s hot” in the industry –

  • Broken Grid Layouts: One of the latest web design trends that made it to the “What’s hot” list is broken grid layouts. With the constant questioning of more creative and more new-er designs, designers have decided to once again turn towards grids, but this time freeing it of its constraints and letting it explore. Broken grid layouts are such that they slightly overlap each other creating a mixed effect which often is pleasing for the customers as the basic need of visuals and content go hand in hand.
  • Illustrations takes center stage: Image selection is one of the hardest tasks to be done in digital marketing designing trends. All the debates usually end with a.) Product UI shots or GIFS and b.) Editorial or lifestyle Photography. Illustration though has taken a front seat in the competition and they can be very helpful in bringing abstract concepts to reality. With a simple drawing – not requiring much detailing – you can reach out to many viewers and attract them towards your website ultimately gaining popularity.
  • Custom Graphics: In this world of high intensity speeches, always working retinas, high speed internet, graphics are a sure shot way to gain more attention of the views and forcing them to scroll down so as to see what the website has more to offer? And eventually website designing is ultimately done for grabbing viewers’ attention and increase the reach of the website.
  • Adventurous Colors: Colors are endless. Experimentation by mixing of two colors result in the evolution of new colors and hence making it unending. Eye grabbing or adventurous colors as they are called are one of the prime focuses of the web designing industry nowadays. Choosing the colors is deemed to be one of the difficult tasks. Some eye grabbing colors can be because of the beautiful combinations or maybe the ongoing in-trend fluorescent or neon colors can be beneficial for the purpose.
  • Custom Illustrations and videos: Images conveys message thousand times better than texts. They are said to be relieved six thousand times faster than words. Moving images – videos – does that even better as anything about a burning topic or a gone viral video can certainly increase the interest of people in the website.
  • Shadows for extra depth: Shadows increase depth of any picture making them one of the favourites for the designers as it blows in life in the images. It gives them a 3Dish looks hence once again enhancing user interests. Although a word of advice will be not to use them excessively as they can also leave a bad impact on the images if use excessively.