If you are starting out as a new web designer, there are some important tools you need to know about, which will you to do web design with greater efficiency. These tools for web design will help to reduce the overall time taken to complete any project and simplify the nature of the project. To help you to increase your productivity as a freelance web designer Singapore, let’s take a look at a few of these tools.

Few must-have tools for any web designer:

  •   Sketch is the first tool that makes to the top of this list. If you decide to use the sketch, you don’t need to use Photoshop for the website’s UI designing. When you are using the sketch, you can easily review the documents and you can easily sort them out as well! You will also be able to carry out the interface design when you are using this tool. There is no hassle when using this tool as it is user-friendly. You will also be able to use plugins in the sketch to make the flow of your work easier on the sketch.
  •     Affinity designer is another best tool that you should consider using as a web designer. This tool is properly designed and you will feel ease with your design work when using this tool. It has already proven itself as a competitor to other tools similar to it in the market as it easily makes one design without any hassle.
  •   If you are a web designer who is looking for adding web page animation to make the website you are designing to be more interactive, you should definitely take a look at Anime. Anime is a flexible animation library of lightweight JavaScript, which will allow you to use the best animations with ease. This is the best tool if you are looking for some animation for the website you are looking to design.
  •   As web designers need to edit and manipulate images most of their time when designing a website, Canva is one of the tools that make this job one less hassle to deal with! If you are looking to edit images or creating a new infographic, Canva is your best friend. You can not only upload your own template but you can also use the free templates that they have. You will also find templates which you need to buy to use. This is a tool is browser-based and free to open an account.
  •   Type Nugget is your best friend when it comes to dealing with the typography CSS. There are still many features that are being worked on for this tool; with this tool, you can easily get a good control of the styles. A wide range of samples of texts is displayed by the tool. With this tool, you will be easily able to create your account and you can save your work. This tool will definitely help to save a good amount of time.
  • Launchpad is another amazing tool created by Anima, which will allow you with publishing websites from Sketch and you don’t need to code for it as it will be done directly! This is integrated with the Sketch and you can easily create a website (Landing page or static) with it.