As a web designer, your aim should be providing the best-designed website to your client. It is not uncommon that mistakes will happen even in web design and this can happen even with the best designer. There are various ways to avoid these mistakes so that the best work is presented to the client. To help you out to avoid these mistakes as a web designer, let’s take a look at some common web design mistakes.


Mistakes to avoid when designing a website:


  1. Many times, web designers cannot create the required call to action, which helps the customers visiting the website to know what to do next. Call to action is done with the texts that are persuasive in nature. In fact, you don’t even need to use the best creativity when it comes to the call of action. Simple and clear language helps the customers to know which steps to opt for next after visiting the website.
  2. Not opting for strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is another mistake that a freelance web designer Singapore tend to make when designing any particular website. SEO helps the website to get the desired top rank in the search engine when the targeted audience is looking for the product/service offered by the business. A top rank of the website in the search result will result in better exposure to the prospective customers.
  3. Content is another important aspect of web design. It is important that the content is original and interesting, which will capture the attention of the targeted audience. If the content is not as mentioned, then the targeted audience will not be interested in further checking the website. And not only that, but one should also ensure that fresh contents are posted regularly on the designed website to generate higher traffic.
  4. The web designer, when designing the website, must ensure that the contact page for the business is not hidden or placed in such a way in the website that it becomes difficult for the targeted audience to find it to contact the business. The contact should be placed in such a manner that it can be seen easily, i.e. in the header/footer of the website. It is also best to add a contact us page in the main menu so that the targeted audience finds the required contact details about the business in a single click and without any hassle.
  5. Not applying the responsive web design strategies when designing the website is another huge mistake that one can make. Without applying the responsive web design, the business will lose the great opportunity of reaching out to a lot of prospective audiences as the numbers of people accessing the website through devices other than PC are increasing constantly. Responsive web design ensures that all the contents of the website, including the elements are fit properly according to the size and resolution of the screen of the device that the customer is viewing the website through.


In short, if one knows how to avoid these major website design mistakes, the designed website will definitely meet the client’s needs and requirements.