The process of software development is a structure that is applied when developing software. There are various methodologies of software process available. Each of these models or methodologies offers their advantages and disadvantages. Each model has its own approach when it comes to developing the software. To know more, let’s take a look at the process of software development.


The process of software development:

  • The first step of the process is to find and analyse the requirements of the software that is to be designed. This is to check whether the software is incomplete or ambiguous.
  • The specification step is where the software is coded. This is a rigorous step and it is done in a precise manner to avoid mistakes. This is an important step for the external interfaces.
  • The representation of the system as an abstract is known as the architecture of the software. This step makes sure that the software meets the needs and the requirements and also if it is capable of including any future requirements if such need is ever addressed.
  • The implementation may occupy not large space in the process but it does take a good amount of work to bring about a reduction in the design to only code.
  • In this step, the software is tested and this is carried out by a freelance web designer Singapore.
  • Documentation is the step where the internal software design is documented. This is an important step which ensures that the software could be enhanced according to any future requirements or for the purpose of maintenance.
  • Training and support is the next step. The software will lose its purpose if no one is able to understand or use it. A good number of projects end up failing simply because the developers don’t realize this important fact. People find it difficult to adapt to a new change all of a sudden and this leads to further problems. To deal with this issue, it is important to offer the required training and support during the deployment stage so that the users know how to use the software and various aspects of it. It will also help with the adaptability when working with the software.
  • The final stage of the process of software development is maintenance. Maintenance of the software is important as no one really knows what issues might occur when using the software and in such cases, it would be important to solve the issue as soon as possible. More than 60% work in software development work consists of maintenance work. A minor part of this work is dealing with the bugs. Most of the work that falls under maintenance is to enhance the software system to include more features according to the needs and the requirements that may come up after the software is released. This may take a good period of time after the release of the software.


There are various models as mentioned earlier and these are the waterfall, iterative, Agile, Rapid Action Development, Extreme programming, Spiral, and Scrum etc. All these models include the various stages of software development.