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TikTok is a mobile app which enables the user to create a small clip. Music will be played in the background and the creator should act like that music and the speed up, slow, and you can use filter also to make your video attractive and good so that other TikTok users can watch your videos and like. Now TikTok is being used globally and trending number one in google play store.

Advantages of Tik Tok:


TikTok is commonly utilized by everybody.

Peoples  are making little video clips and offer it with their followers for getting comments and likes and they need to be renowned by this TikTok application.

It seems very satisfying and awesome if you use it when you are free.

There is a wide variety of background music and the people acts according to the music.

So it has a lot of advantages I discussed here which I have seen and observe them by using TikTok personally.


You can also use Tik Tok as an affiliate marketing platform by placing your affiliate link in your profile page.

Anyone who clicks through the link and purchase something, you can get a commission cut.


You can also build a portfolio of videos for your future career.

By uploading videos of your skills, you can gain a loyal following.

For example, if you are good at dancing, you can show off your dance skills. A dance agency owner might chance upon it and make you the next pop star.

Disadvantages of Tik Tok:

There is no disadvantage of TikTok if you utilize it in your relaxation time.


But if you retain using Tik Tok for many hours a day neglecting all your significant work then it is an issue.

Your sense of balance is your biggest strength, so balance your time according and assign minimum possible time for Tik Tok.

Your studies may suffer as a result

Pipe Dream

It is a waste of time if you did not become a sensation.

The odds of becoming one is so low as there are so many talents out there.

Peoples may be wasting thеir time in making these movies.

It could be inappropriate fοr thе folks who are evoking the movie to be an entertainer.

Also, it will be a waste of time since it may hurt their changes in future employment. It will only work if you are talented and validated by your peers.

It would be better to read books to have information to receive more education knowledge.

Apart from taking the time to make those videos to one, sometimes some people go over and even spend money to buy suits just to make the respective videos.


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