Games that we play on our mobile phones or other mobile devices fulfil all my requirements for getting in a bit of brain skills training. A study has revealed that by exercising these skills, which often can be complicated as we age, we can improve our performance in these segments.

Mobile games are extremely creative. The graphics, visual effects, the audio/sound and the concept of the games themselves are great ways to get inspirations from. If you are someone working in an industry where arts is used, then this can be an advantage as you can learn from how it is presented and build your ideas from there as well.


Social Communications

This is a bit such as watching a popular TV show. If you play a well-known game that other people plays, you have something to chat about and possibly meet new people. Additionally many mobile phone games have built-in chat, which gives more chances to meet people with similar hobbies to your own.


Easy To Use


Mobile phone gaming gives you higher access to play the games anywhere and any place you want. When a game is installed into your mobile phone, the majority of the games never require an internet association as they go through the mobile phones interior drive. Having games on your mobile phone, in your pocket, is simpler to utilize.



Effective for Health


Playing mobile phone games have been appeared to give certain health advantages, for example, diminishing depression and enhancing happiness levels (that is the thing that makes you feel great when you’re playing and winning). Playing riddle games can help train the brain. Mobile phone gaming enhanced your brain working by playing tough riddle games to complete different steps.


Mobile phone games are lowcost and most of them are free. You can easily search and download. Game builders developed unique games according to their ideas and concepts. Developers consider each and everything to develop a game so that a new user can play these games easily. Users like those games which have an attractive user interface, visual graphics and amazing sound at the background. Besides these storylines and plot of the game is very crucial. Nowadays candy crush saga and subway surfer are the topmost free games liked by every gamer.