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WhatsApp is a well-known messaging application. Whatsapp has more users than any other messaging app over the internet. Whatsapp is used in all overages including teenagers to oldies because of its easy and simpler interface. Whatsapp has a lot of advantages you can easily talk to your friends by just clicking one button. Here are some advantages discussed below.

Free Of Cost:

Free of cost is the major advantage of WhatsApp. Whatsapp is used all over the world freely. You just need an internet connection or wifi connection to use WhatsApp. You can freely download and install WhatsApp on your smartphones and tablets easily. At the beginning of WhatsApp 1 dollar of amount charges by WhatsApp, but after the success of WhatsApp, this amount was removed. Now WhatsApp is free to use you just need to install WhatsApp and start chatting with friends and family


WhatsApp is Easy To Use and Simpler Interface:


Whatsapp application interface is very simple and clear. Once you download and install WhatsApp on your device it automatically imports contacts numbers from your contact list and its tells which contact number is using WhatsApp or not. Due to its simpler interface, anyone can make audio and video call without hesitation. Now uneducated person also using WhatsApp just because of an easy and simple interface.

Free Of Cost Audio Calls and Video Calls:

The popularity behind WhatsApp is that It does not charge any amount for making audio and video calls. You just need an internet connection or wifi connection to use WhatsApp. By using WhatsApp you can call anywhere in the world. That’s why most of the people are using WhatsApp to talk with their beloved ones.


Encoding Encryption:

It is one of the greatest advantages of using WhatsApp is that your conversation is very secure which can be read by just you and your friend. Whatsapp end to end encryption makes your conversation and information highly protected. Now users want security, protection and WhatsApp proving them with this end to end encryption.





  • WhatsApp Groups


Another reason behind the success of WhatsApp is that WhatsApp allows you to create groups. Every WhatsApp user can create a WhatsApp group. Friends can chat with other group members at the same time, Now groups are used for sharing information or data with other members. Just one member will post and it will be seen by all other group members.