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Android is Google’s open-source software for powering mobile and tablet devices. The first version of Android was released in 2007 and there have been several stable versions of the software till the latest version called Android 11. Since more than two billion people now use Android phones, the recent reports of search error that says ‘’No app found to open URL’’ has become an urgent problem that requires some urgent solutions. 

What does Google Search Error “No app found to Open URL’’ mean and what are the causes?

The Google search error ‘’no app found to open URL’’ is an Android error which may come up when a user attempts to open a webpage, but the Android software couldn’t open it because there exist some glitches which blocks the command to open the webpage’s URL.

The possible causes of this search error could be any or both of the following two triggers:

Your Setting of Preferences

A certain feature in Android permit users to select and configure an application (meant to open certain types of links) if they want. If a preference is selected and there exist a glitch in the application, it could trigger the Google search error ‘’no app found to open URL’’

Disabling of key Application

Some applications such as the Google Play and chrome browser that were preinstalled on your device works in tandem with Android and must not be disabled. If any of these applications get disabled may be to conserve space or extend the battery life on the Android device, this can trigger the no app found to open URL in the operating system. 

How to fix the Android Google search error ‘’No app found to open URL’’

No matter the nature of the software problem on your Android smartphone, it could be fixed if you apply one or more of the following strategies: 

1. Check and fix Android system preferences: The first step is to drag down the notification on your device and click setting cog. Then scroll down and select the option ‘’Apps’’ and then click the ‘’Application manager’’ option. Check the top right-hand corner for ‘’three dots’’ and click on this and select ‘’Reset Application Preferences.’’ Search a URL webpage on Google search engine to and the problem should have been resolved if the error was caused by preferences glitch. 

2. Check and fix Disabled system applications: If the error ‘’No app found to open URL’’ was triggered because you disabled any system applications, follow the steps highlighted below to resolve the issue: 

(I). Drag down the notification on your device and click setting cog. 

(II). Scroll down and select the option ‘’Apps’’ and then click the ‘’Application manager’’ option which should fix any application issues. 

(III). Check the system applications especially Google Play Store and the browser to see if they are deactivated and enable them by clicking the toggle. Again, check if the error issue has been resolved. 

If none of these steps work for you, the final attempt should be to trigger the Restore Repair Tool. This will scan the system files to repair any corrupt or missing files. This step will also optimize your device for maximum performance.