Animated and video background.

The background of the web page is an important component. In fact, it can help to convey the message of the website by displaying a related image, illustration or a definite set of colors that will mark the brand. With the progress in the styling field and the developing and scripting languages, the background, nowadays, be animated. moreover, browsers can charge and display videos as backgrounds. This feature will definitely create new threads, as well as new challenges. Implementing a video or an animated background will require powerful modules that will ensure the best handling process.

The background in web design:

The background in web design represents what the wall is in real life. It is called so because it is the most profound element. In fact, if the wall is not well-built and well prepared, the decorations and the overall look won’t be effective. The background in web design is the reference of the other components that will occupy the viewport. Besides, this component holds the essential graphical elements that build the website identity.

The common background types:

The background with colors:

This background is the simplest. The anatomy is reduced to some colors arranged in a very simple way. The use of gradient is also very common.

The framed background:

This background will structure the frames of the website content. It is achieved by setting images and illustration and the content will nest on the background. There must be an important contrast, otherwise, the content won’t be visible.

The layered background:

This background type is, in reality, multiple layers of background. In other words, the web page has the main background. The several components that constitute the web content have separate backgrounds.

The video and animated backgrounds:

The video and the animated background are simply added by assigning the designated file as a background image. It is important to know what type of background you are using especially the layered or the framed. The video and the animation are already made up and they play in a loop.

The proper use of video and animated backgrounds:

Animated and video backgrounds should be used carefully. First of all, this type of backgrounds has to be related to business. However, it shouldn’t overwhelm the basic content. Moreover,  the files should be light. Therefore, the sequences should contain a few keyframes in order to keep a reasonable loading speed.


Besides, the animated and video background is suitable for businesses where some particular actions are significative. A scene of a meeting, of traveling, of a natural scenery…It is a very influencing component since the Human eye is grabbed by the elements in motion. Preferably, the animated and video background should not be associated with some other moving contents.


The moving backgrounds are new and creative. They indeed help grab the attention by differentiating the website design from the competitors. However, it is a double-sided tool. The misuse of the techniques can really doom the business.