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If you do not own a mobile app nor plan to build one, you can still make money from apps if you get to know the right mobile applications that pay users money for downloading and interacting with them.

While the free money most of the apps give to users won’t make you rich, the extra cash you will earn can help you pay some of your bills, and don’t forget that these apps will pay you money for doing simple tasks which in most cases are tasks you like doing best such as searching the web, shopping from your favorite online stores, playing games, socializing, completing offers such as testing new products, watching videos, and taking surveys.

Here are some genuine mobile apps that will pay you free money for installing and using the apps:

  1. Swagbucks: This app rewards its users with points called ‘swag bucks’’ for completing a variety of tasks such as playing games, taking surveys, watching videos and shopping. In most cases, each of the tasks Swagbucks expect you to complete will take a few minutes to accomplish. In return, users get rewarded with points that translate to 1 cent each and you can cash out your money through PayPal or check when your points have accumulated to at least $25.
  2. App Nana: This mobile app pays users when users download it and use it to test other mobile apps which are mostly new mobile apps that developers want to promote online. Users of App Nana are also expected to play games on it to earn free money from accumulated points. Available report shows that users of App Nana have earned over $10 million free money from using the app.
  3. Shopkick: This mobile app rewards its users with free money for shopping at their favorite online stores or just for watching videos. To earn money from Shopkick, install the app and start accumulating points when you buy qualified products from your favorite store. To show that you have purchased something, you can either link your credit or debit card to the item or simply scan the item and submit photos of your receipt.

Other notable mobile apps that can pay you free money when you download and use the apps include: Quick Thoughts, Bookscouter, Mobee, Rewardable, Postmates, UberEats, Shop Tracker, Viggle, and Smart Panel.