Artisan keycaps are single made keycaps made in a particular way for aesthetic purposes than their way of functioning. These keycaps are made from resin and silicone, but other artisan keycaps are made of metal and wood. They are significant because they add a personal touch on the keyboard keys if compared with other keycaps.

By using the artisan keycaps, every individual will always enjoy because the keycaps are so beautiful in their looking and they also have a special touch at the same time. They can also be a way of expressing your feeling or what you are passionate about. For instance, the keycaps can have different forms of animation and emoji to express our feelings.

The artisan keycaps are backlight compatible. This feature allows them to bring out the best glow from the keys, and of course, this is what every eye would want to see.

Artisan keycaps are a bit larger than the standard keycaps because they have to bring out every detail of the shape and their design.

People love artisan keycaps because they are replaceable. On the keyboard, they fit in as one keycap per a single key.

They are called artisan keycaps because they are mostly hand-made. Initially, they are sculpt made from clay, and later on, they are designed differently. Their appearance comes in the form of skulls, animals, and different types of art.

The sculpt is molded, and under a vacuum, the real keycaps are cast. At this point, a single color of the keycaps can be made or keycaps with multiple colors. For the single-colored keycaps, you put one color of resin, while for multicolored keycaps, you will need to add multiple shots of resin colors.

When casting these various colors, you will have to go through a long process of taking 40 hours for finished sculpting to complete. It is because of this that the artisan keycaps are expensive to purchase. Some of the keycaps can be unsellable because since they are hand-made they can have some imperfections.

The keycaps can be hard to find, but there is always a place to purchase them

The artisan keycaps very well on the MX mechanical keyboard stem.

The model name of these keycaps is Mt Fuji Artisan Keycap.

On a single keyboard, the artisan keycaps fit there, with each key having a different shade of color, height, and appearance.

The dimensions of these keycaps are 2’’by 2’’ by 2’’, which is equal to 45.36 grams of weight.