Blogs, forums and social media presence are important ways to post points of view, to discuss certain aspects, and interacting with others. The fact is, these structures can be useful, and they are, when it is about solving issues with products, procedures and whatever stressful and deranging situation. Therefore, associating a business website to a one or more of these structures can help to boost the business success. Indeed, users can often get their questions answered. Besides, these places are likely to help the business owners in one way or another. This leads to the question: how are these structures helping?

The blog, the forum, and the social network presence:

These are three different online structures. Each of them has particular points that make it good for a certain use and bad for another. It is therefore important to know what makes them different.

The blog:

The blog is almost a personal speech stand where the blogger is in control of what is written, whether it is the blog articles or the comments.

The forum:

A forum is a place where any subscriber can start a discussion about a certain topic. The others are there to interact with the thread initiator.

The Social network:

A social network is a place where every subscriber is displaying what he thinks, what he wishes; or briefly, he is expressing himself. The sharing feature is the most distinguishing factor that differentiates the social network.


Users’ Benefits of the interactive structures to the online business:

These structures are places where users, whether they are customers or prospects, can interact with each other and obtain fast and easy solutions for their possible issues with a certain product or service. In some cases, it is better than the customer support services. They can also obtain additional information about the topics they are exploring on the main website. Indeed, the three structures provide users with new tips in order to increase the performance of the product or service. To build these, you may engage our freelance web designer Singapore.


Business owners’ benefits of the interactive structures to the online business:

On the other hands, these structures are powerful and proven traffic generators. The subscribers of the three structures are likely to be driven to your business just by being members of the community you run. Besides, they can be great strategic elements when it comes to marketing campaigns; they express a highly effective cost/effect rate, since the word is spread, somehow, passively.

Moreover, the threads the posts that treat your business or related topics are likely to create trust bounds with your brand. In fact, users will find themselves heard and valued; this experience will definitely create loyalty.

On the other hand, the three structures can display views and opinions of previous users. As the testimonials, the comments are there to confirm the validity of the product or the service you are offering. Since users are influenced by each other, their willingness to take the action is most probable when other users talk positively about the product.


Associating the business to one or more interactive structures is definitely a good step toward success. They help reduce the costs and gain huge benefits. However, it is not enough to have them running; it is important to know how to manage them in order to obtain the desired results. Keeping the content original and fresh is a must.