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Do you have a dream to change the world with your ideas through Web Design, yet have limited knowledge on how that can be done? This is the best article for you, as it will outline some of the basics about Web Design and in no time, you will start seeing a complete project right before you.


The first key factor every designer should have in mind is a clear purpose for which the website will be created. This is where; the target group is well defined by the designer.


Once all the planning is done, the designer gets to work, and in doing so a good number of programs are put together to bring to life the best design for the website. Programs which include Photoshop and Dreamweaver are among the widely applied.


One of the prominent resource used in building most websites include a coded language called Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The reasons this program is used include the fact it allows the content of the website created to be displayed effectively on the client’s browser. Not only that, but its tags also help in identifying the content of every page on the website.


Furthermore, all designers must ensure that the Markup Language pages have a standard format, as well as have the overall visual appearance in great shape. Thankfully, a program known as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is used to do so. In addition, to have a better control on the website designer can take advantage of the link in HTML file that is directly connected to the CSS file to separate the visual elements from the website’s content.


Web designers have also taken the liberty of helping the users with content management once a website project has been commenced. Hence, WordPress is among the special tools used as a Content Management System (CMS). An implication of this, is that writing, editing and publishing content for the website is as easy as counting your own fingers.


It is also the duty of designers to ensure that users have access to all views of web or mobile apps; as a result, a program known as ReactJS is used to perform this function. Furthermore, with ReactJS developers can build applications that ease the editing of data without reloading the page. Interestingly, the UI components can also be reused with the help of this program.


In summing up, it is clear that web design Singapore services are not all that complicated, knowing that your ideas can easily be turned into a tangible product that can be a life changing one by simply using HTML, CSS, ReactJS, WordPress and other programs readily available just for you.