If haven’t heard about GitHub before or you have little knowledge about what it is all about, I welcome you to this page as you will get enlightened about GitHub and the benefits that can be derived from using the software tool. Or are you even yearning to know how Github can be of good importance to you and your community of friends? Then, worry no more. You’ve just come to the right page!

What exactly is GitHub?

Splitting into two – Git and Hub – is a word that both describe a software tool that serves as repository hosting for Git and also serves as a graphical interface for web users. Technically, GitHub can be used to host source code for projects written in several programming languages, and also helps users to keep change made during every iteration/code. Basically, “Git” is used to describe a control system that allows users to keep track of changes made to their programming codes. On the other hand, the word “Hub” can best be described as a community that houses techies, freelance web designers in Singapore and most especially, diverse groups of people sharing the same vision, working together to achieve the same goal.

What are the benefits of GitHub?

 It allows people to contribute to open source projects

  As discussed earlier, GitHub hosts a community of tech gurus who work together and have the same goal. With GitHub, you can contribute to other people’s projects (as long as such projects are open-source). All that you need is to just “fork” such project, add or remove whatever changes you want to make to it and request the approval of the changes.

It accommodates as much as twenty users at a time

As mentioned earlier, GitHub is a platform for collaboration. While some other open-source projects do not allow more than 5 team members on a project, it is entirely different for GitHub. GitHub can accommodate up to 20 people at a time on a group/team. And also, it doesn’t limit or aid discrimination. As long as you have an idea about a project, you can connect with other people from other parts of the world to work on that project. It does not matter where you’re from, what really matters is what you can offer.

Creation of free private repositories is possible on GitHub 

Have you ever imagined having access to free private repositories to yourself? Yes, it’s only possible with GitHub. This tool allows every member to create up to three free private repositories which is not possible with some other tools. Some may charge up to $10 to create a private repository. Hence, if your team has up to 6 members, it means each of the six members can create 3 private repositories, totalling 18 repositories for that team, without being charged a dime. 

Users can enjoy other programs by Microsoft

GitHub is owned by the famous Microsoft Corporation, and the implication of this is that it gives users more exposure to other services offered by MS. Users will also have unlimited access to other programs and tools by Microsoft.

It aids documentation 

The help segment on Github is a place where you can get any kind of article especially in topics and areas about GitHub. Every article has been arranged orderly in the section to allow people get easy access to them.

Security of confidential data of project members is guaranteed 

GitHub has a tight security architect that protects vital and confidential information or data of project members be kept safe and away from the public know. This further creates an impression that team members can use the tool without the fear of the public or their confidential information be leaked to the public. This alone can boost the confidence of users and also promote GitHub for credibility and integrity.

GitHub is cheaper compared to other tools

GitHub is very affordable for many users. You don’t have to break the bank to use GitHub. While other platforms charge as much as $100 per user for all their features, GitHub charges roughly 20% of that amount for all features. Hence, it’s economical go for an option like this, since it has as much great features that can be found in other software development tools.

It helps to connect you with professionals 

With GitHub, you can showcase your skill and talents as a web developer to the world to attract the right people to your brand. Today, a lot of companies now check out GitHub profiles when they want to absorb new recruits. It also increases the chance of people from getting recruited, even when they did not graduate from any of the top universities in the world.

Public repositories can be created for free

One other benefit attached to GitHub is the fact that public repositories can be created without paying for it. Some other platforms do not offer this service free of charge. While others may not charge too outrageously, GitHub does not charge a dime.

It’s a great repository 

GitHub is one of the best repositories in the world and what this means exactly is that this platform allows your work to get to the public and put you in the face of the world. Unlike some other software tools that do not allow projects be shared with the public, you can bank on GitHub for this feature. In addition to that, GitHub is one of the biggest hubs for programmers and coders. Hence, this will boost your programming language journey and give your project the exposure it needs.

It keeps track changes when coding

When you’re collaborating with a host of other people, it is usually hard to keep track changes, especially to know who changed what, when was the change effected and where the revisions are saved. This is where GitHub comes in and takes care of everything that has to do with this. Just like Microsoft Word, you can have a history of the changes you’ve made.


GitHub is not only for for professionals but also for budding computer programmers. So, if you’re looking for a community of tech gurus, kindly join the hub today.