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In life everyone wants to be part of something good, interesting or someone that would share their lifetime experiences, and this just brings a sense of fulfilment to everyone that get this chance.

Thankfully, in today’s world finding a friend is just a few clicks away.

At least, it’s one of the simplest things you can ever do in today’s society.

For this reason, this article will highlight some of the best apps for making friends in Singapore.



Sugarbook is the #1 sugar daddy/baby dating app in Singapore.

How does it work?

  • Choose a role (Whether you are a Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mommy or Sugar Baby.)
  • Add your photo & fantasies, relations, terms
  • Find a suitable partner

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Singapore Dating

Without wasting any of our precious time, the second app on the list is known as Singapore social.

This app in Singapore is an absolute great deal for every Singaporean who wishes to find friends with benefits.

With this app, one can make, meet or mingle with new friends with ease.

What’s more interesting about this app is that one can easily create their profile, and instead of uploading a profile picture only, there is even a provision for a video. Isn’t that exciting already?


Wait a minute, are you already married or in a relationship and have not been a fan of friendship seeking apps knowing most of them are meant for singles still searching for someone?

Well, here is the great deal for you, Kakis. Yes! You read it right.

This app is meant especially for people who are professionals and are not looking for friendship that must become romantic but that which would only help share developmental ideas with like-minded individuals while having a delicious meal at lunch.


Are you still in wonder with what you have read so far, and asking if all that is in Singapore?

Well here is more wonder for you, Wander. Interesting, right?

The Wander app is yet another great app for making friends in Singapore.

This does not only allow users to connect with individuals, but has a provision for group chats as well.

This means friends who have common grounds on ideas can easily meet up in a group chat and have a great time together.

Better still, can make appointments to meet new friends in person.

Meetup: Local groups & events

Do you happen to have an interest or hobby?

Well, Meetup is a great app for making friends with the same interests.

Meetup has many different categories and you can also search for the latest events to meet up.

You can attend these events whether it is online and offline to meet like minded people!


If you love the gaming genre, don’t miss out on discord.

Discord is the go to app for chatting with gaming friends.

You can also join channels where you can hear each other during the gameplay.