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1) Visit Singapore Travel Guide

Visit Singapore Travel Guide is a mobile app created by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). The app (at the time of writing) has 5 navigation tabs

  • Discover – This tab provides information on accommodation promotions for hotel stays, attraction promotions, dining promotions, shopping promotions, tour promotions, notice advisories, visit Singapore pass experiences, etc. It also recommends local F&B delights under its local recommendations sections. Another section called precinct guides provides well written guide for tourists such as a guide for chinatown.
  • My Trip – This tab provides a list of your favourite bookmarked attractions. By tapping on the heart icon on an attraction, it will automatically save it as a bookmark.
  • Essentials – This tab provides essential information for a tourist such as SG arrival card, Visit Singapore Pass, Currency Converter and more!
  • Search – This tab allows you to search through attractions, f&b outlets and more.
  • Profile – You can sign up using your social media account such as Facebook and Google to persist your favourite bookmarks and also access other services that requires login.

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2) SINGAPORE City Guide Offline Maps and Tours

Upon opening the app, it will ask for location access to provide you with the nearest attractions.

It has 6 tabs

  • City Walks – This tab takes into account your position and the available time you have and generates a list of attractions you will be able to walk to. You can bookmark it, use their in app map (powered by mapbox), there is even a play button for you to play out the description. The only issue with the map is it only displays your location point and destination point. It doesn’t have a route for you to take.
  • What to see – This tab provides a list of nearby attractions. Each attraction has a link to purchase a ticket. However, do take note it is currently priced in British pounds and not in Singapore dollars.
  • Get Inspired – Tab that has guides for you to get inspired created by other travellers.
  • Hotels – This brings you out of the app and into in your mobile web browser
  • Tours and Tickets – A list of events with pricing and a link to purchase
  • Weather – a list of weathers for the upcoming days ahead.

There is a feature for you to download offline content,  maps and no ads. This will cost you a fee.

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3) TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the most popular travelling apps in the world. It has the following features

  • explore nearby places – dinner nearby
  • nearby sites and landmarks
  • top attractions in Singapore
  • top restaurants in Singapore
  • Popular things to do in Singapore in your current month
  • Popular guides
  • Tickets for attractions and you are able to book directly for some
  • Recommended reading
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Sights and landmarks in Singapore
  • Cafes in Singapore
  • Outdoor activities in Singapore
  • Parks in Singapore
  • and more!

Once you have decided on your itinerary, you are able to create a plan under the Trips tab. You can also see your current bookings, what you have saved and recently viewed.

In the Inbox tab, you get to see alerts from your travel feed, private messages with friends and other travellers.

Lastly the Me tab, where you get to see your profile and your followers.