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Looking for a bluetooth keyboard in Singapore? We have shortlisted 5 keyboards that are popular in Singapore.

There are many bluetooth keyboards in Singapore but it is difficult to choose one because bluetooth is a complex technology that is not wired hence you may encounter issues like latency issues, slow connection, incompatible operating systems.

As a buyer, you would want to have these benefits

  • Fast connectivity
  • Able to switch from mac to windows or vice versa
  • Have the latest Bluetooth version which is 5.1 at the time of this article
  • No long and ugly wires that tangles up
  • Responsive – no more lags!


Possible reasons why you would purchase a bluetooth keyboard

  • Connect to your tablet or mobile phone as a remote keyboard as typing on the ipad for work can be slow for some people
  • Your laptop is too hot to use as some laptops heat up after usage
  • Connect to your smart tv as a remote keyboard so that you can search for your favourite videos on YouTube instead of using the clunky TV remote controller which can be annoying sometimes.


1) Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Version 2)

Our favourite. The Keychron K2 keyboard is a beautiful mechanical keyboard in Singapore. When you type on it, it feels so right. The sound of the keycaps isn’t too loud nor too soft. Perfect for gamers or people who work long hours and need a comfortable keyboard. For people who use both mac and windows, you are in for a treat. With a switch of a button, you can instantly connect to the right device almost immediately.


2) Durgod Fusion Wireless Mechanical Keyboard


Durgod is another bluetooth mechanical keyboard beauty to check out. It has a beautiful retro design with a grooved plastic body that reminds you of the old times when you were a gamer in the 80s and 90s. Durgod Fusion comes in 3 unique styles: original, steam and navigation so that you can show off your retro gaming setup to your friends.


3) Razer Pro Type Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

This. A keyboard on its own class. The design makes any desktop setup look like a winner. Typing is not loud and its color is unique. With 81 million keystroke lifespan, you are almost guaranteed to use this till the next century. 


4) Tempest Kirin V2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Tempest is a homegrown Singaporean brand located at LTC Building C, 14 Arumugam Road, #08-04 S(409959). This keyboard is one of the most portable ones out there as it can connect to 3 devices simultaneously. How convenient is that?


5) Glorious GMMK Pro 75% Barebones Keyboard

Glorious originated from the USA, with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. This keyboard is a real beauty. It is aesthetically gorgeous and stands out from its competition. Of course, it comes with a premium price tag.