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Some cool bus apps to check out!


In this digital era, we have different types of apps to make our lives simple and easy! In countries such as Singapore, you can easily use a transportation app such as a bus app to travel from one place to another with ease.

There are various benefits of using a bus app. If you don’t own private transport and rely heavily on a public bus for transportation, then you need to download a bus app to make your life easy! Let’s find out more about using a bus app!


How does a bus app make your life easy? 


If you use public transportation such as a bus, looking and confirming the time can be a hassle. Here’s how a bus app will help to lessen your hassle:


  • This app will offer you with fast information on the timetable and routes of buses.
  • With the help of a bus app, you can find the estimated arrival time/exact arrival time of the bus. This helps you with the hassle of unnecessarily hurrying to the bus stop.
  •  A bus app will also help to show the passenger capacity of the bus, along with the bus stops, and bus numbers. You can also bookmark your preferred bus stop and bus.


What are some good bus apps in Singapore? 


  • SG BusLeh: Award Winning – This is one of the best bus apps and it is very easy to use. You can use this best bus app Singapore to know SMRT, and SBS bus arrival timing. Not only that, but it will also offer you with the timetable of the NSU and NTU shuttle internal bus! This app has won the LTA Land Transport Excellence Award in 2016. By using this app, you can see the bus routes by tapping on the bus service number, and check the card balance of your EZ-link card anywhere and at any time you want! This app will also notify you whenever your preferred bus is arriving at your bus stop.



  • bus@sg for iOS is another best bus app Singapore you can use. However, it is compatible with some devices, so you should check if your device is compatible for this app. This app comes with some helpful features such as it shows you the nearby bus stops and allows you to add your favourite bus stops. For specific bus stops, you can use the auto loading option, so that when you open your favourite stop, the auto loading marked bus routes will auto-load the arrival times of the bus and move these at the top of the list.



These are just some popular bus apps. You can always visit the app store or play store to check other bus apps and select the ones you feel is the best for you by checking the features and the reviews and ratings of the apps.