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Helium 10


If you’re looking for an extension to search for the best keywords for your Amazon products, you’ve just found the best tool. This tool does not only let you find matching keywords for your products, it also tells you what your competitors are doing better than you so that you can adjust. It also informs you what they have left in stock and what they don’t have. Since business is all about opportunities, you can easily use that chance to put up those products they’re lacking for sale.

Why Helium 10?

  • You’re able to research about product trend
  • You can easily spy on your competitors and take advantage of the market
  • It’s a great tool for researching product keywords
  • It’s a good way to grow your business





Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout extension is an Amazon research instrument with amazing qualities that can make your business stand out in the market. You can use the tool to easily spy on your competitors as well as research the best keywords for your product. In addition, Jungle Scout is also used to estimate sales and find winning Amazon products from its dashboard.

Product research is really a big deal in a business like this. Even if your ideas are very brilliant, you just choose the best product – and that’s one thing this extension promises.

Although not free, the amazing services offered by Jungle Scout remains one of the best.

Why Jungle Scout?

  • It’s a product research tool
  • It helps you to go ahead of competitors
  • It provides keyword insights for users