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Hunter is one of the most popular email messaging tools. It has an index of about 100 million addresses, making it possible to discover anyone’s email addresses easily. Both the extension and websites have rich and easy-to-navigate features. Once you’re able to fetch the email address, you can easily add such email to your leads list. There are also some cases where helps to find the phone number of your prospects alongside their email addresses.

For the sake of transparency, publishes the source where the email address is gotten from.



  • This extension can easily find an email address attached to a domain
  • It is easy to use
  • You can easily find the email address of your prospect.
  • The website hosts rich features
 is a toolkit that helps you to find the email addresses of your prospects. It has similar features to but more detailed than the former. Aside from the email address, finds the name and photograph of your prospect within a very short time.

If you’re looking for an email address and you know the company where such person works, then consider the job done already. Click on the company website and the extension. This chrome extension will publish a list of email addresses that are associated with the domain.

It will display the name and picture of your prospect, along with their email addresses. And there you check the confidence score and see that is exactly what you’re looking for, you just click to get the person’s email address.


  • It publishes the name and picture of prospects for proper identification
  • It has a great contact management system that helps to filter leads.
  • The service is very affordable