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HONcode Toolbar


If you’re a medical professional and looking for a chrome extension with a focus on your profession, then you’ve just found the right one. As a medical expert, you must be aware of the fact that there are good and bad resources out there where you can get information for your line of profession. But the question is how do you differentiate the good ones from the bad ones? That’s the basic function of HONcode Toolbar!

This helps you to sieve the bad health web pages away and leave you with the good ones that are unique and useful for your job.

Why HONcode?

  • It helps you to gather the right information about a subject matter
  • You can easily identify the good websites from the good ones with the HONcode certification
  • It’s easy to use





Medical Dictionary & News


Medical Dictionary and News is a platform for medical students and professionals. It helps you to find meaning to confuscating medical words. You also get to read the latest medical news around the world.

If there are some medical information that you’re not sure of their genuineness, you can trust this extension to be the best place to confirm if such information is true or not.


Why Medical Dictionary & News?

  • Latest medical news and updates
  • Meaning to medical
  • Quick access to different medial terminologies
  • Web references for medical research