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Google Keep                                    

Google Keep is a resource that helps you create colour-coded notes on Google Chrome. The extension is run on a separate window. If however you’re one with an affinity for colour-coding, this extension helps you to set your preferred background colour for each note. You’ll also get to add a label to the notes to be able to sort them easily.

If you also wish to set a checklist, Google Keep is a very good extension for the purpose. It helps you to sort and set reminders for each function you want to execute for the day. So, just click on “Things to do today” and add whatever you want to do for the day and you’ll get reminded before the time set for that responsibility.

Why Google Keep?

  • You can easily add images to your notes
  • You can set reminders using the Google Keep extension
  • You can share notes via mail.
  • It has a distinct and slick design
  • Notes can be synced with Android and iOS apps




WorkFlowy is a perfect choice for minimalists. It provides a blank canvas and creates simple bulleted lists for users. As you click on a bullet, you also get to zoom in on such an item to add more details to it. It also has a feature of managing several projects and taking them separately.

To use WorkFlowy, you need to create an account. After you have signed up, you can now start syncing notes with the WorkFlowy extension. It’s also possible to share notes via mail and other sharing options.


Why WorkFlowy?

  • You can easily share notes with WorkFlowy
  • You can add tags to your notes
  • It’s a great resource for marking out complex projects
  • You can search by keyword
  • With WorkFlowy, you can easily add tags to your notes
  • You can search items by their keywords.