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Lighthouse is an open-source extension that is a great tool for programmers and web developers. It serves as a tool used by web developers to improve the quality and performance of certain web applications. One interesting fact about Lighthouse is that you can use it on any type of website. Even if such a website requires authentication, Lighthouse is compatible.

Lighthouse is a proven tool for auditing SEO, accessibility and most importantly, the effectiveness of a web application.

When Lighthouse is used, it performs some tests on a page and generates a result that shows how successful that page is.

Why Lighthouse?

  • It works with all kinds of websites
  • It helps to improve the quality and performance of web applications
  • It is used to perform tests on certain web pages






GitHunt is an extension that helps web developers store codes, manage codes and track changes made to the codes in the course of writing them.

In basic terms, GitHunt is a cloud-based extension that offers hosting services for web developers.

Even if you’re new to the system, and you don’t know much about coding, GitHunt is so user-friendly that you can always navigate your way through.

This extension is also useful for users who just want to use the resource to manage book writing. So, whether or not you’re a programmer, GitHunt poises to be useful for everyone.


Why GitHunt?

  • You don’t have gotten be savvy to use GitHunt
  • It’s a useful tool for managing codes
  • It can be used to manage book writing