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Table of Contents

1 ) Weather@SG

Key features

  • Get notifications for heavy rain and other hazards such as haze
  • Get weather forecasts for the upcoming days/weeks
    • 2 hours
    • 24 hours
    • 4 days
  • Get real-time weather data such as wind, rain area, intensity, humidity, temperature, visibility
  • Get data near your location
  • Warnings and advisories
  • Satellite images
  • Rain Areas with options
    • Cloud to Ground Lightning
    • MRT Stations
    • Townships
    • Landmarks
    • Expressways
  • Favourite locations

Some of the Use cases

  • Planning for a motorcycle ride as riding in heavy rain could be dangerous




2 ) myENV

Key Features (weather related)

  • Real time data on Singapore’s weather
  • Get notifications when raining at certain locations
  • Latest PSI & hourly PM2.5 information

When to use?

  • Useful when there is haze