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With the news of Sim Lim Square‘s en bloc, custom PC parts buyers would need to find a new place to compare, buy and try computer parts. Current pcs sold in retail shops may be more expensive and costly for its worth. Where would you get your latest AMD Ryzen or Intel i7 graphic cards from? The answer would be online.

Why purchase PC Parts instead of buying a complete PC?

Save Money

Buying PC Parts online in Singapore can save you money. For complete PCs, they are able to markup their retailed price based on their perceived branding. For example, a person without PC knowledge would see a gaming PC advertised and would rather purchase it out right instead of finding pc parts to build one.

By purchasing pc parts to build a custom pc in Singapore, you would save quite a bit of money and assemble a masterpiece with a good budget.


Building a custom pc is a difficult topic as you would need knowledge in:

  • motherboards
  • coolers
  • graphics card
  • ports
  • memory
  • keyboards

To build one, you will need theoretic and practical knowledge in order to assemble and piece the parts together.

For some, it can be rewarding and thrilling as a hobby. To be able to piece a much better PC at a certain price, one can show off to his friends who went down by the complete solution route.

Target Audience For PC Parts

Windows Users

Unless you are building a hackintosh, most people who buy pc parts are windows users.



  • Traditionally, one would head down to sim lim square and go to the upper floors and collect a piece of paper that contains a price list of the various pc parts.
  • Now, with online you can expect to see the full price and add to cart in an instant.

Payment Gateway Protection

  • Now with the popularity of PayPal and Stripe online payments, you can purchase pc parts at ease. If there are any disputes, you can raise it with the payment gateways and they will resolve the issues.


  • If you purchased a large pc, you will need a car or a taxi to bring it home. With delivery, and usually free when you hit a certain amount will certainly provide convenience.



  • There are warranties for the parts but comparing to a complete solution, this will be a hassle. Instead of sending the entire pc down to the warranty site, you have to send individual parts to different vendors. And different vendors have different policies and delivery timings which you may need to coordinate.


  • Without retail, the ability to bargain for price is now no longer effective as you can’t talk to a shopping cart.