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Looking for a cheap website design in Singapore? If you are tight on budget and require a website urgently, find out how you can get a basic eCommerce or CMS web page design at an affordable rate.

You must be wondering how some clients are able to get websites at their target prices. Here are some factors that affect the price of the quotation. These determine whether the rates increase or decrease. 

Freelance web designer in Singapore vs a professional web design agency company

If you have done your research, you may ask for quotations from different vendors such as a freelancer or a company. Usually, you would google for them. You will find that getting a quote from a freelancer will be much lower than a web design agency.

Why is this possible?

Low business costs

A freelance web designer does not require to pay for the salary of employees nor office rentals. A company, on the other hand, has to generate revenue to keep itself afloat thus they have to charge development at higher rates.

Each new feature you request from the web developer will result in extra added costs to your bill. Here are some features that can be costly and you may request to remove if it is too expensive or considered as bloatware.

Mobile responsiveness

Do you need your website to be mobile responsive to all mobile devices? If you need to, it will be extra work for the designer.


Do you need a simple static website build on purely HTML CSS and Javascript? Or you require a more comprehensive solution which is WordPress, Magento or Drupal?

Search Engine friendly

If you need to rank high on google for many keywords, you need your website to be designed for Google and Bing to be easily crawled for SEO.


Do you need the best hosting solutions?


If you need a website that can handle high traffic like Facebook, you cannot depend on website builders like WordPress. You will need a customized solution. What does it mean?

Front-end customized website is usually built on AngularJS, ReactJS or VueJS. These are open source solutions to help manage data flow and render the right components at the right time. These are proven solutions that are already in production. For example, Facebook uses React Native for its Instagram mobile app.

The backend can range from many solutions such as NodeJS, Laravel or even Django which is built on python. You will need either a NoSQL or SQL solution for the database setup.

As you can see, it takes more effort, planning, and resources to build a complete ecosystem for a great unicorn startup like uber or grab.

Emailing is also customized by using MailChimp or mailgun APIs where teams create custom emails to send marketing emails at specific points in time.

Royalty Free Content or you provide?

The web designer is able to source for online content provided by the media sources such as unsplash to speed up the web development. But if you manage the content, it will take some lead time and cause more work to be created in this digital project system which results in higher rates.