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Choosing a WordPress theme can seem almost overwhelming. After all, there are literally thousands of choices. If you’re just starting out, it’s important to keep things on a level which you can manage easily. Read on for our best tips on choosing the right theme for your website.

Avoid Bloating

No, this isn’t about fitting into your favorite skinny jeans. Bloating your WordPress site is just as uncomfortable, however. Regarding WordPress themes, bloating simply means choosing a theme with too many features.

Think about which features will truly matter to your site visitors. What will they expect, and what will they find to be a useful extra? Once you’ve figured this out, it will be easy to restrict yourself when faced with the loads of optional features which come with many themes. Extras can often mean security leaks as well, as they are designed with entertainment – not security – in mind. Stick with the basics to begin with – you can always upgrade later on.

Responsive Themes

While you can still find loads of traditional themes on WordPress, opting for a responsive one will deliver the type of experience which today’s users expect. A responsive theme simply means that however users access your site – on a computer, phone or tablet – the site will look and function in the same way.

You’ve probably run into the frustration trying to utilize a traditional website on a mobile device. It’s a hassle, and you probably left within a few minutes. Don’t put your users through the same frustration. It’s also worth noting that if you find a traditional theme you absolutely love, it’s possible that you can upgrade it on your own. There are many tutorials available on the skills necessary to make these changes. If you’re brand-new to WordPress, however, it’s usually best to start as simply as possible.

Don’t Rule Out Premium Themes

One of the biggest draws for newcomers is the wealth of free themes available on WordPress. While these themes are, in many cases, beautifully designed and function extremely well, this isn’t always the case. They can be vulnerable in several ways. Security leaks, sub-standard coding and a lack of upgrades are all potential pitfalls.

If you can afford it, consider one of the least expensive premium themes. With these, you’ll have the peace of mind of quality security measures, up-to-date coding and regular maintenance and upgrades from their creators. A good freelance web designer singapore would recommend a premium theme over a free theme because of these benefits.

Take it Slow

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have your WordPress theme chosen, optimized and running in a day either. This is especially true for new users. Remember that quality always wins out over quantity – take it slow, check everything out, test all aspects and you’ll end up with a theme – and site – that you’re proud to call your own.