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If you’re a business pro and you want your customers to see your product as one of the best in town, you have to make such product appear as the best, truly. Your product must be able to explain so many things about the kind of service you render to the public – and that’s only possible with CrankWheel.

The major purpose of CrankWheel is to screen-share and tab-share what you’re doing on your computer. Unlike other extensions, people do not necessarily have to download CrankWheel app before they start using it at the other end. Within ten seconds, you can share your screen on mobile and desktop devices.

Why CrankWheel?

  • It’s suitable for sales teams and all categories of business owners (large, small and medium businesses)
  • It can be used for webinars and screen-sharing of documentations
  • It can be used on phone and desktop devices
  • It’s free without subscription or hidden fees.

Boomerang for Gmail

One of the most recent updates on Google is the ability to schedule emails and send them for a later time and date. While that’s a good development, certain other features can make Gmail a more suitable messaging app.

When you send newsletters to customers or business promotional messages via Gmail to your customers, be rest assured that not all of them will respond. Some may respond later while some may not even respond forever. But with Boomerang for Gmail, you’ll get notified if the recipient of your mail hasn’t responded to you yet.

Why Boomerang For Gmail?

  • The extension can predict which email is likely to receive a response with the aid of artificial intelligence
  • Your email draft can be scored for politeness and subjectivity before you send it out.
  • You can control when sent messages can arrive in your mailbox