Web hosting providers usually associate their services with two tools intended to help manage the hosted files. In other words, they propose to the website owner the control panel tool or the CMS tool. In fact, these tools are proposed as means that would support the operations you may need to perform on the content or any other relevant aspect related to the website. Since these two tools have access to the website content in one way or another, it is normal to ask the question about them and check if they define the same thing or there are some differences.

Defining the control panel tool:

The control panel tool commonly referred to by cPanel is an interface that allows you to manage the content on your website. In other words, the cPanel is the dashboard of your hosting account. It is a Linux-based interface that comes with graphical features allowing the users to manage the website content without extensive knowledge of the processes. When available, cPanel allows the users such as a freelance web designer Singapore to monitor the website as well as the server.

particularities of the control panel tool:

The cPanel tool can be used as a dedicated server or virtual server. It requires a login and a password -the creation of an account- in order to install your cPanel copy and start using the features. The cPanel allows you then adding email accounts and domain names to your hosting server. It is also used as an FTP manager and therefore it eases the file transfer from the desktop to the server.

Besides, the cPanel tool can be configured to handle setting up adds on and the update processes. This feature makes the cPanel an important tool have installed on the server. 

Defining the CMS tool:

The CMS, short for Content Management System, is a software that allows managing the content stored on a dedicated storage device. This management includes creating, editing and publishing the targeted content. The CMS was developed to handle local computer files, then the management tasks have extended to cover the web content. CMSs are, nowadays, used to create, edit and publish web pages.

Particularities of the CMS tool:

The CMS tool is made of an interface that allows you creating the content and the layout of the webpage. Made of two components, the Content Management Application (CMA) and the Content Delivery Application (CDA), The CMS is known to be an important tool for the web development process. The CMS that was a locally installed application, is replaced by a web interface that handles all the tasks of the normal CMS.


The cPanel can play as the wizard that supports all the operations to perform on the web server. The CMS is the group of application that works on the front-end and is made up to create, edit and publish the created content without modifying the server configuration. Obviously, the two tools are intended to manage the web content. The cPanel is nothing but the back-end control management system since it has access to the root of the website.