For website design, color plays an important. As a web designer, you should be well versed in colour manipulation to create the right effect. Any designer should know the colour theory to understand the emotional effect created by individual colours. Here we will only take a look at the basics of colour theory. Let’s take a look at colour theory for web design.


Colour theory for web designers:


  • Every colour out there has got a set of opposite contrast colour. You can check this out by using the colour wheel. Simply select any colour and locate the contrast colour opposite to it. If the correct colour shades aren’t selected, it will look odd. Every colour has got complementary colour and it helps to give a pleasant look.
  • Each individual colours help to bring a particular mood. Warm and bright colours help to energize and create alertness of the viewers. On the other hand, cool and dark colours offer a relaxing and calming effect.
  • Red promotes youth, importance, and power. It is one of the stimulating colours and is energetic enough to increase the circulation of blood. It also helps to attract attention. This is why it is mostly used important notices and warnings.
  • Orange helps to promote uniqueness, friendliness, and energy. This is a versatile and warm colour that helps to energize and engage the viewers.
  • Green helps to promote stability, growth and environmental topic, etc. This colour is a bridge between cool and warm colours. However, it is classified popularly as a cool shade. It offers the relaxing effects of blue colour but also offers the energizing effects of yellow colour. This colour is best for offering a balanced look.
  • Yellow promotes enthusiasm and happiness. Different shades of yellow determine the versatility. It’s an energetic colour but not as extreme as red. Lighter to medium shades of yellow offers a comfortable feeling, while darker shades offer a sense of wisdom, curiosity, and authority.
  • Purple promotes romance, luxury, and mystery depending on its various shades. Traditionally, purple has been associated strongly with royalty and luxury as it’s was a difficult colour to obtain. Lighter shades of purple offer a romantic vibe, while the darker shades offer a mysterious and luxurious vibe.
  • Black offers a sophistication, power, and edginess. It is used for most websites, in various amounts. Black is usually paired with white to create a pleasant look.
  • White colour promotes simplicity, cleanliness, and virtue. White is a popular choice for a minimalist designed website. It is also used for accenting other shades.
  • Gray offers melancholy and neutrality. This colour is used for a professional or traditional look for any website. To create a modern look, it needs to be paired with bright shades.
  • Colour scheme is important when it comes to design. There are various ways to mix the colours to create an effective design. One of the common methods of mixing colours is Triadic, which is a balanced and basic method. This method is reliable and safe. Other methods are compound and analogous.