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Graphic design is an important phase of the website creation process. In fact, this phase produces two important elements which are the logo and the graphic chart. These two entities are important visual materials that need to be created carefully. The graphic chart and the logo are part of the website identity since they are intended to differentiate the business from other freelance web designer in Singapore. Considering their importance, these two elements obey some rules and they have some characteristics. The creation of the logo and the graphic chart to associate to the business and the dedicated website should fulfil some requirements.

Defining the concept of the graphic charter:

The graphic charter is the sum of the requirements the designers or the developer have to fulfill in order to create the visual elements related to a certain website. It is a document that describes the headlines of the infographics that will be included on the website. It specifies the document styling, the fonts characterization, the colors set, the colors arrangement and the element positions.

Creating the graphic charter:

The creation of the graphic charter is essential in order to create a unique image for a certain business. It is about communication and it has to convey as accurately as possible the message of the business. The creation process is associated with the development of a strategic draft directly made upon the goals of the business. This strategic paper is the guide for the designer and it is also the reference for the evaluation process.

The creation process starts with an extensive research which would bring the visual match to the specified topic. Then, several templates are expected during the production process. Each template is evaluated regarding the strategic draft. The kept template is finalized and enhanced to become the graphic charter of the current business.

Defining the logo:

The logo is a visual element that has its specifications in the graphic charter. The proportion, the position in the document or on the web page are drafted in the graphic charter. The logo is then a piece that should resume a great part of the message that the strategic paper has defined. Besides, the logo obeys the colors rules as specified in the charter, otherwise, it will create unwanted contrast with the whole requirements.

The creation of logos:

The logo creation is a process that requires creativity and skills. According to the graphic charter, the logo can be anything that stands as a unique symbol and unique image for the business. In fact, the logo does not need to be inspired by something related to the business, but it has to recall the graphic charter and be a remarkable element.

Actually, there is a research phase, the ketching phase, and the finalization. The sketching phase produces more than one sample, the client will then pick the suitable and insert it in the appropriate position as defined by graphical charter.


The creation of the graphic charter and the logo is an infographic process. The research phase resembles the research phase prior to the industrial design process. Indeed, they start with an idea, and they end with a unique product.