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Creating an online presence has become a mandatory option for those who need to increase their visibility or their profits running a certain business. This implicates the choice of the more efficient design for the digital portal with the lowest costs; in fact, there are the concerns of balancing the cost/effectiveness rate that shows up especially with the two options business owners have in front of them: custom designs or templates. Both have their advantages and their downsides, perhaps each of them has circumstances where it prevails.

Templates designs:

Templates design are ready to use websites. They just need to be filled up with content and put online. They do not require much time creation, they do not require huge budget either. Templates are usually furnished with web host accounts and they come free of charges or paid a little sum of money.

But templates are not that flexible and can’t possibly respond to the business owner needs. Since they are ready to use, they do not allow enough plugins to be inserted; if the business owner wants to have a particular application to run on his website, templates are not adequate.  Also, responsiveness and compatibility are not guaranteed and this may impact the business.

Besides, since it is about templates, the general appearance of the website is common to many others; this has a penalizing effect that tends to reduce website popularity and visibility. The lifespan of a template is about one year and a half.

Custom designs:

Custom designs are done by hiring a proficient freelance web designer singapore. It has no equal, and not similar to any other website. It can include whatever the business owner needs to have. Since it is built on demand, there is a big chance that it excels competitors, that it has very good SEO impacts because of the professional prints over it.

The lifespan of a custom design is up to four years which is enough –more than enough to gain popularity and increase in search engine ranking. Moreover, a custom design can very well target a specific audience like smartphone users by emphasizing the responsiveness feature.

But, this flexibility and the fully customizable feature have a price. In fact, the cost of such custom design is somehow huge. The business owner has to pay an important amount of money. Custom designs are not afforded by everyone, yet they are the best option for successful online business campaigns.


Anyway, templates and custom design remain two options for having an online presence. The budget is the first factor, business owners may consider having a template web design then upgrade to a custom design when lifespan is at term. The compensation that would come is not that penalizing, but opting for custom web design in the first place would increase popularity and then balance the cost/effectiveness rate.