When designing a website, one should make sure that the website is user interactive. A freelance web designer Singapore can combine colours, place contents and graphics to create a website, but design a well-designed website; there are various factors which need to be considered. The website should bring increased web visitors and not turn them away. If you are confused about designing a great website, no worries as we got you covered by offering you some amazing and easy tips to design a better website.

Some amazing and easy tips to follow:

  • Never start web designing without having a plan ready beforehand. Without a proper plan, you will lose the track when designing a website. You should always remember that the website needs to meet the needs of the potential visitors. This is why you will need to plan out the pages, the contents etc. These should be placed in the correct order when designing the website.
  • When you are designing a website, your motto should be minimalistic design. A website with a cluttered look will quickly turn away visitors from the website. You may think that the more element and contents stuffed in the webpage/site, the better it is. This idea may backfire as it is necessary to simplify and place the contents and graphics and the elements in a neat order.
  • Make sure to include the best call to action with the help of distinct paragraphs, headings, and subheadings etc.
  • Make sure to implement suitable colours together, along with the correct spacing, size and the graphics contrast and texts. Make sure to implement the colours of your brand to create a strong brand identity. In short, it should capture the attention of the visitor through the visual hierarchy.
  • Your potential visitors should be able to read the contents of your website without any hassle and this is why you should carefully choose the type, colours, and the size of the font(s) that you are planning to use. Don’t use too small fonts, with the intention of saving up space in the website pages. Using small fonts will lead to loss of website traffic as readers will get frustrated putting the best effort to read the content. The font should not be too small or too big.
  • Make sure to use a suitable combination of font types. As per the rule, you should not use more than three individual fonts. It should create a pleasant look and not visual clutter.
  • Navigation is the important factor that you should definitely keep in mind. Visitors will not be interested in using a website which makes someone to browse through the website for hours to simply look for any specific information. Good navigation will help to enhance the user experience. The menu of the website should be labelled.
  • With better access to Smartphone and tablet, the number of people accessing a website is increasing. Take a look at responsive website design to cut down the need to use an extra mobile-friendly version of your website.
  • Make sure to use the social media buttons by properly placing them on your website. These buttons will encourage a social sharing image for your website.