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Web development and web design are often mistaken for the same thing. Both are related to Internet and websites, but each of them has a particular definition. In fact, the two concepts share the word “web”. It is important to know what they share more. it is important to know what they share more, and what makes the difference between them.

Defining web design:

The web design is the discipline that creates the appearance of the website. This focuses on the visible layout and the elements’ arrangement on the page rather than coding. It is important to know about several points and factors of the user psychology to perform a web designing task.

A web designer should handle very well:

  • Ergonomics
  • Space
  • Color
  • Space management.

Webdesign requires some tools mainly media managers, image, and vector editors. Knowing HTML and CSS is supposed to be a preferred skill but it is not an obligation. High creativity and Internet “savviness” are the most required qualities of the freelance web designer singapore.

Defining web development:

Web development is essentially coding. In other words, web developers must know programming languages that result in properly working websites and integrated applications. Actually, there are two types of web development:

  • Front-End development: it designates coding the part that users interact with. A front-end developer has to know coding fonts, forms, colors and every visible element in order to place it and give it the adequate behavior. This development requires knowing and mastering HTML, CSS, JavaScript and dynamic languages as PHP and ASP.
  • Back-End development: it designates coding applications that support and allow front-end development. In other words, it prepares the adequate environment for all front-end development product to run properly. This requires knowing other languages such Java, Python, Django.


Webdesign and web development: the similarities.

Webdesign and web development are destined to create a functional and a successful website. their target is the harmony of the content and the synchronized behaviors of the elements. Still, they share some other points:

  • Knowledge of users psychology.
  • Knowledge of displaying properties of display devices.

Webdesign and web development: the differences.

Webdesign and web development have several differences:

  • Compensation: web developers and web designers do not charge same salaries. The fact is, web developers are likely to earn more than web designers.
  • Webdesigner are more visible.
  • Webdesign relies on creativity and artistic flair.


Webdesign and web development are two sides of the same coin. The reality is they are not rivals but they are friends or more even; they are complementary. No web design is efficient if it is not supported by the web development, and web development is vain if there are no web designs.