If you are looking to become a web designer, you have certainly come across the doubt of whether you need to learn to code for web design. There are some people who think that a web designer should be skilled equally in both coding and designing and some who thinks that knowing how to code is optional for web designers. So, which one is correct in this regard? Let’s take a look at this debated topic to find out more.


Web designers and coding: to code or not to code

Web design is an ever-changing field and web designers need to constantly stay updated with the latest trends and tools in the industry. Before, web design used to be strictly associated with colours, graphics, layouts, and fonts etc.  But, many people thought that a web designer would need to code and to understand other members of the team when working with the team.

It is not uncommon to see there are designers who are also skilled in coding, along with designing. Many designers will also learn to code, as there is a demand of such designer in the market.

To be honest, web designers don’t necessarily need to know to code to become successful. A web designer, however, needs to learn HTML and CSS for website design, as these are required for front end web designing.

On the other hand, many think that a designer should know how to code as it helps the designer to know that if the design is buildable. But, this is where the problem starts. The design doesn’t need to be buildable but the design needs to be worked upon by compromising. Essentially, a designer and developer should collaborate. If a designer is not good with coding, it will be another headache to the developer as there will be issues of bug.

If someone is equally passionate about coding and design, it will make an effective combination, but not necessary to do so. In recent times, many designers are turning to learn to code as they want to be familiar with the medium. In short, a designer doesn’t need to know in depth coding, but how coding can influence design.

But, taking a look at the current pace of the industry, it’s best if web designers learn to code. In the past, designers only focused exclusively on the design and the rest of the coding works were handled by the developers. At present, most people expect a web designer to have a basic idea of coding. For example, if you have got front end coding knowledge, with the JavaScript, you can create CSS and HTML layouts.

Anyone can learn basic coding if proper learning time is invested. There are hundreds and thousands of coding resources found online that you can take a look at. Plus, basic coding isn’t tough when it comes to HTML and CSS. Also, a designer with coding skills has got a demand in the market, as they understand the medium that works with and this helps them to avoid mistakes when working. An extra skill definitely enhances the resume! In the end, it is up to you if you would like to learn to code as a web designer.