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A web host is an operator that allows storing websites on his drives in order to make them visible and accessible online. This process comes after having the website ready to be published. The web host employs technologies that allow the website to run as programmed. Yet, there is a great number of web host providers and the number is increasing day after day. these providers offer different services and plans and the website owners tend to have more struggles while choosing the hosting operator. Does the web hosting affect the web design?

Webhosting and web hosting providers:

Web hosting designates the process that allows a company or an individual to have their website published online. This process requires saving the website pages on an allocated disk space on a particular server. The server, then, allows users to investigate the website pages with their unique paths which are URLs. Webhosting providers will be therefore the companies that offer web hosting services to their clients.

There are several web hosting categories known as free, clustered, shared or reselling; there are free plans and paid plans; supported plans and not supported plans according to the web hosting providers. The differences between the web hosting providers include the plugins permissions, platform programming and supporting.

Webhost services and web design:

Webhosting providers offer their customer’s variable bandwidths and different disk spaces. According to the plan you choose, you may or you may not be granted high-quality services and adequate conditions to launch your website properly and efficiently. Your budget is your playing card, but it can play against your desire.

  • Low budget: minimum disk space, minimum features.
  • Medium budget: average disk space, more features.
  • High budget: limitless disk space, full features.

Still, the services quality are distinct from the budget you want to allocate. The web host and the web hosting plan will definitely impose a particular design to adapt to the web hosting features.

  • Low bandwidth and/or Low disk space: minimum code; few plugins and few heavy elements within pages.
  • Good bandwidth and/or more disk space: better coding and more elements to include in pages.

Counter-strategy to overcome the situation:

Actually, the best way to overcome the situation is to start by few then grow by steps. In fact, it is possible that you upgrade your web hosting plan at any time; of course when you have enough budget to do it. Like any project, your online business or freelance web designer singapore should include essential data first, then add further data as updates as the time goes and the website runs properly and efficiently.


Starting an online presence is a good idea. But with the desired design, we may face web hosting constraints that can dramatically affect the business and the overall project. Web hosts propose several options; they make available free and paid templates in order to save you money and time as well as risks of crashes and bugs. Webhosting indeed affects the web design.